5 songs for my friend who passed away

The next 5 songs are for my friend who passed away last Wednesday. He was one of the few who still came back here to see what music I had week after week. I slacked lately. But this is for him:


Bruce Springsteen – I’m on fire

I was never a fan of the Boss even though I do own a greatest hits album. Jamie reintroduced me to him and although I am still not much of a fan, there are a couple of songs I like to listen to. Of course, it all has a different meaning now. Just like listening to Metallica, Scissor Sisters, Adam Lambert, Armin van Buuren and many others.


Brandon Flowers – I can change

Jamie liked danceable music and 80ies music too. He liked to go out and dance. This one song has a bit of both. It’s one of the last newer songs I shared with him.


Erasure – always

I shared this song many times before and most often it had a hidden message just for Jamie. He would read it and react to it (or not) and I love him for it. I remember an afternoon when he shared almost every Erasure song there is with me… It was fun… He was as passionate about music as I am.


Thin Lizzy

when we began to talk about music, this was one of the first things he shared with me. I never gave them a conscious listen before, but I understood why he liked them.


Todd Rundgren – Hello it’s me

This was Jamie’s favorite song. When he first shared it, I thought he was pulling my leg. Then he told me to listen to the lyrics and again, I understood. This song has a special place every since he sent it to me. And to be honest, it put tears to my eyes just now.


Jamie was 32 years old and my best friend. He was always there and I didn’t take him for granted. Never. Sometimes I felt neglected, or jealous, but one feeling never changed; the love I felt for him. I need to learn to live without him in my life and many other people do too. He left an impact on many of us and now there is a huge empty space that he used to fill. I said it before, he will always hold a place in my heart.

Rest in peace, Jamie.





Time is running out. The sandglass is emptying itself, but the time that slips through our fingers now can never be retrieved again.

We stand on the sidelines watching it happen. Listening to the paroles that have been ingrained in our souls, in our minds since we were helpless children.

I dare you to stand out and live your own life far away from the usual conventions. Far away from the judging looks of the self-proclaimed elite.

Who are they to tell me what should make me happy? And yet, we are all kept in line, silenced, living in invisible shackles.

I admire those who are free. Those who live. Those who are seen as misfits, dropouts, freaks, weirdos, punks, hippies…

I could never live that way, even if I wanted to. I’ve been brainwashed into living in shame. Hiding my true colors so that society keeps on loving me.

Since my earliest years, I tried to be a rebel. But I was only ever ridiculed. The latest target I make is playing at being a writer.

Ah, but it’s water under the bridge. At least that’s what I pretend. I am not fazed by their words. It’s a hopeless lie.

As time is running out and slips through my fingers, I understand that I am who I am and only I have the power to be me.

I live a life without regrets. I try too. I know that the past can’t change, but it shaped the person I am today. All of it.

I am not perfect, not flawless. I have qualities and I have quirks. Everyone has. Now I am working on becoming my friend again.

We should stop the self-sabotaging and the undiscerning following. If we can’t see things differently, we will grow old in our stink.

And we will wonder what life could have been if we had danced when we had the chance. What life would we have had if we had taken the time to live?

A passing soul

I am a passing soul
Trying to leave a footprint on your soul.
Something that makes you remember me with a fond smile
Even when I am long gone.

I am a passing soul
Hoping to leave an impression on you.
Something that makes you remember me with a fond smile
Even when I passed away.

I am a passing soul
Soaking you with me eccentricity.
Something that makes you remember me with a fond smile
When you see it on someone else.

I am a passing soul
Becoming one with the wind.
You don’t see me
But I am here.

I am a passing soul
A part of you
You don’t see me
But I will always be near.