Reflections of monsters and men

How can you smile, when the world crumbles to dust?
How can you be happy, when you hate everyone?
How can you sleep at night, when a monster hides in your mirror?
How can you preach love, when you make war?
How can you blame mankind, when it’s your finger on the trigger?

With a stroke of the pen, you decide about life and death.
With a stroke of the pen, you sacrifice mother earth because of greed.
With a stroke of the pen, you shatter our dreams.
With a stroke of the pen, you sell our youth.
With a stroke of the pen, we become your wrecking balls.

I want to stop this madness, but I don’t know how.
I am but a small drop in a huge ocean, but this time, I am on their side, not yours.
I’m note vile and I don’t hate, but that’s a monster you want to create.
I want to see change, but I can’t change the world.
I have to start with ‘the man in the mirror and I’m asking him to change his ways

We are the change
We hold the power!


blind me
with the loudest words you ever spoke
take my sanity when you leave,
without you, I am emotionally broke.

always and forever
was too long to survive
and your new-found silence
hurts so much that I’d rather be skived.

lead me to
the drowning clouds of mist
and squash my heart
with your giant fist.

I taste the darkness
when you’re near
and I can smell
the bitterness of my fear.

this is the end
and I know it too well
as soon as you’re gone
I’m back hiding inside my shell.

the wind rearranged
the thoughts in a storm
it rendered me empty, forgotten
but mostly, forlorn.

I am one of those…

I am one of those who can’t find a tree in a forest.
I am one of those who can’t see the light on a sunny day.
I am one of those who lost hope in a hopeful way.
I am one of those who reads a meaning in meaningless words.
I am one of those who is grateful to the ungrateful.
I am one of those who connects with the disconnected.
I am one of those who can hear your unspoken words.
I am one of those who starves for your love.
I am one of those who is almost there and turns to leave again.
I am one of those who would rather feel hurt than hurt someone else.
I am one of those who deserves more than there is on offer.
I am one of those who is their own worst enemy.
I am one of those who wants to be loved above all.
I am one of those who lost who they are while they are waiting to be discovered.
I am one of those who try to find a way to let you go.
I am one of those who will succeed, not without tears but with certainty.
I am one of those who you hurt one too many times.
I am one of those who you will miss once they’re gone.
I am one of those who tried too hard.
I am one of those who are giving up.
I am one of those who are more than you will ever see.

I hate to love you

you are the poison in my head
running gently through my veins.
you fill me with deadly thoughts
and I have given up to fight it off, too long ago.


when you’re gone, I miss you
if you stay, I’ll hate you.


you are the imaginary friend I never had
whispering everything and nothing.
your words are the light,
your actions are the dark.


and when you’re gone, I miss you
but if you stay, I’ll hate you.


feed me lies and let me live in blissful ignorance
tell me the truth and my life will be spend in sorrow.
I don’t trust you and I do
lead me on, I will forever follow you.


when you’re gone, I miss you
if you stay, I’ll hate you.


shower me with love one moment
and take it away the next,
you don’t show me that you care
but what you offer is slowly killing me.


and when you’re gone, I miss you
but if you stay, I’ll hate you.


And so I push you away with all my might
but I am too weak to let you go.
You’re poison and it is working too well
and every day I live I hate, because I love you.


I noticed that I often write about longing and loss. It’s not because I am a particularly negative person. In fact I believe that I have a rather positive outlook on life in general. The thing is that by sending those sad words out to the world for everyone to read, I let go of them and they are not mine anymore. Someone might read them and agree or disagree, some might find themselves in those words too. And although they were mine when I wrote them, they become theirs – yours.

I don’t know if it is bravery or madness to share my words, maybe it’s a mix of both, but there is nothing more rewarding than someone reading my poems and telling me that they understand. Sometimes, the world is a lonely place and I lose myself in the farthest corners of my mind. I doubt myself and my abilities to be a likable person. Sometimes, I don’t.
Another fact is that it’s easier to write about sad things than about happy things. At least it is for me. The most important, even in times of hopelessness is never to lose hope.




you want a link to my poems? Here:

Hungry Corpses

Hungry corpses wandering around
Greedy for more
Always on the hunt.
Look out! Hide or run.
But don’t make a sound
For they can hear your blood pounding in your veins.
Take cover and hold your breath.
They only want your brain.
Your soul will stay unharmed.
Rotten hands are reaching for you.
Your body will be a feast
they will devour you
Spurred by your tortured screams.
They are near.
If they catch you, you will never walk among the angels
But you will forever walk the earthly grounds.
Starving for life.


It is in the letters never typed
And in the breeze upon our faces.
It’s the hugs we never felt
And the never visited places.
It’s in the yearning and the longing
And in the kisses never shared.
It’s the lonely nightly moments
And the words that were spared.
It’s the meaningless moments
Which touched us the most.
The little things
That made us travel from cost to cost.
It’s the love that we took for granted
And we were colorblind to think it could never end.
It’s the memories that started to fade
And most of all, it’s the broken heart that became our most intimate friend.

Share your breath with me

Let me borrow one more breath
I’ll protect it with my death.
I’ll keep it hidden deep within
And take it with me everywhere I’ve been.
Fill my lungs just one more time
Make our hearts beat in line.
After that last breath I will reclaim my future
Knowing fullwell that my heart requires sutures.
But no, I will never fully let you go
I’m not like Freddie who simply went on with the show.
Instead, I write horrible rhymes
About all the times life has dealt me limes.
Or was it lemons, I can’t remember
It’s because my heart is like dead ember.
A hopeless romantic is buried inside
And the older I get the more it refuses to hide.
The breath, the heart, the love, the loss
It’s all part of life’s endless and torturous laws.
And while I write these pretentious words
And drifting into the absurds,
I wonder if it makes sense
Or if you are offended by my pretense.
What I meant to say and by rambling lost sight of
Is that a shared breath should always be a gift of love.