drag me down

the past, when everything was better, smiles at me.
it drags me down and calls me a liar.
maybe it is right


nothing is alright.
drag me down
until I drown.

if this what is left of me

and you are right,
then drag me down
until I drown.

Man of my Dreams

I’ve been dreaming of your eyes and of your smile.
We talked.
We laughed.
And I felt the connection.

If I only knew you.
Man of my dreams.

I’ll keep dreaming of your eyes and your smile.
I want to talk to you.
I want to laugh with you.
I am sure there will be a connection.

I already know you.
Man of my dreams.

You are the one who brings the sunshine on a rainy day.

This World

This is not the world that I know
This is not the world that I want.
What is left of us, is what we destroy.
Every day.
I don’t want to be dead inside.
I want a cure for this insanity.
Because yes, I still believe in humanity.

Hugs & Love to all of you.

No matter how down I am from time to time, you put smiles on my face
You make a difference
You matter.
Every day.


Bit after bit you throw out the old baggage out.

I try to hold you back.

I beg and I plead,

but your mind is set

and it’s tearing up my heart.

Memories, one after the other,



I want to cry and insult you,

but what good would it do?

I see you empty it all.

Everything we were

everything we could have been.

I feel myself retreat

shut down.

If you can’t see me

I am not here,

and you cannot hurt me.

My mind is vacant.

Empty feelings and empty rooms

all that is left.


Birthday post…

Kate Bush




Dan Cavanagh


T E Morris


Felix Simpson


5 versions of my favorite song… there are many more that are worth listening too. (like James Gilmore’s). I hope you enjoy your Sunday.





Sleep you beautiful demon,
Don’t haunt me,
Don’t torment me.
Wake up blissful happiness,
Take me on a journey
Of a thousand dreams.

Wake up beautiful demon
Whisper truths in my ear,
Until hope catches on.
Sleep you blissful ignorance,
Let me follow my own path,
We are the creators of our destiny.


Alien, that’s how she felt.

Beneath layers of clothes and make-up, her old self was still hiding.

Could she really erase the old and embrace the new?

Doubts spread like wildfire inside of her.

Everything always caused doubts.

Fear and panic attacks were lurking just around the corner, waiting for her.

Gullible as she was, she believed all the negative words that had once been used to label her.

How could she not?

In all her years on earth, only few people showed kindness towards her.

Jumbling her usual and annoying thoughts, she made a decision.

Keys in hand, she walked out and slammed the door to find her car.

Loneliness threatened to claim her, but she pushed it away.

Minutes later, she sat in her car, staring outside the window and clutching the steering wheel with her hands.

Now was the time to break old habits.

Old habits die hard though

Quietness was not her friend and again, her brain started to meddle.

Right then, she noticed a bird sitting on a branch.

Staring at him, she wished that she could be just as carefree as he was.

Too many fears and responsibilities held her back from doing what she liked, from being who she really was.

Under the crushing pressure of making a decision to either move or stay put, she finally broke down in tears, making a new decision.

Vanity made her check her surroundings to see if no one was watching her melt-down.

With all her might she fought her demons back into the shadows.

Xenophobia made it harder and harder to be at places like this.

Yonder in the yard, she saw movement.

Zappy people were dancing and laughing and finally, cleaning herself up, she got back to her own birthday party.


This was an A-Z challenge. The assignment was to write a short story with 26 sentences. Every sentence had to begin with the next letter of the alphabet.

Tell me

Tell me that you love me!
It’s not a question.
It’s a demand.
I am not sure how long I can stand up straight like this, when the day took a heavy toll on me.
Tell me something nice!
It’s not a question.
It’s a demand.
I am not sure I can swim in the see of thoughts, when they try their best to make me drown.
Tell me that everything will be fine!
It’s not a question.
It’s a demand.
I am not sure how much longer I can keep the tears at bay, when I see you suffer like this.
Tell me something, even if it is a lie!