unrequited love poem

The curve of your lips – beautiful smile;

I would give a lot, sell my soul, for your taste on my tongue.

Your hands – long slender fingers, those aren’t hard laborer’s hands;

I would give a lot, sell my soul, for your imprint on my skin.

Your scent – musky and manly, delicious sweat;

I would give a lot, sell my soul, for that smell to last forever.

Your eyes – deep and soulful, I know they’ve seen a lot;

I would give a lot, sell my soul, for them to see me too.

But I’m invisible to you.

Everything and more

I’ll be your umbrella in the rain
You ticket for the train
I’ll be the laces on your shoes
The ointment for your bruise
I’ll be the gasoline for your car
The best beer in a bar
I’ll be the seasoning on your meals
The fighter for your deals
I’ll be your perfect match
Your best catch
I’ll be your wish come true
The one who loves you too
Babe, I promise I’ll be the one
And you’ll miss me when I’m gone
So please consider what you say
Or you’ll see me walk away.

Hello, it’s me…

me (28th January 2015)

Yours truly dyed her hair today… It’s not permanent only lasts a couple of weeks, but if I like it enough, I might try a permanent color too. 🙂


master & king

You make me
And break me
Catch me
And trash me.

You shake me
And shape me
Feel me
And heal me.

You feed off me
And need me
Throw me
And grow with me.

You bleed for me
And kneel for me
Submit to me
And never become the opposite of me.

I’ll be the master
And you’ll be the slave.
I’ll be the servant
And you’ll be the king.

Never the same,
Always different
You and me
Completing each other.

Master and king.

You are missed

I miss you,
More and more each day.
I miss you,
And I want you to stay.
More than words can ever say.

I miss you,
More and more each night.
I miss you,
And I regret our fight.
Now I wander without light.

I miss you,
More and more each year.
I miss you
Why aren’t you here
To take away this fear?

I miss you,
More today than other days
I miss you
And I my thoughts are strays
But you help me through the maze.

Chasing the fog

The mist is rolling in
Swallowing you, swallowing me.
And I run to get to you,
But I can’t see you.
Wait for me.
Don’t be gone.

The mist surrounds me
Like a thick wall.
I turn left and I turn right
But I can’t see you.
I’m trying to catch a shadow
But it’s long gone.

The mist captures me.
It’s like a cage that locks me in.
Are you there? I can feel you.
But I can’t see you.
And while I was busy chasing the fog,
You broke free and walked into the light.