Things to do in Brussels

Things to do in Brussels:

  1. Seeing a concert out of your own country for the first time
  2. Walking through half of Brussels to find your hotel only to find out later that you should have walked further up the slope instead of taking a left 😉
  3. doing the same to find a bar where said concert should have been
  4. Sleeping in a hotel room – alone – for the first time
  5. Having your first cocktail at Hard Rock Cafe
  6. Having your first Starbucks coffee (OVERRATED)
  7. eating mussels at a restaurant a local man pointed out to us 😉 Very nice man and very very delicious mussels
  8. Taking your first (and probably only) mirror selfie
Me (2014)
Me (2014)

I haven’t felt this young, this alive and this happy in a long time. It was the right thing to do…

and now a song, before I have to get back to life and to reality and cook a birthday dinner for my daughter (she turns 6 today)

Have a great day.


Stony heart (or how a rock got me thinking)

©Catherine 2014

Nature has a way of showing us who we are.

I saw this stone in the shape of a heart.

It reminded me that no matter how many times I say that I am going to harden my heart, I never will.

I try to appear strong, and sometimes I am. More often, I am shaken by insecurities and self-loathe.

Few people know me inside and out. I am careful to not show too many weaknesses. But I am painfully aware of my flaws. I am not perfect, never was and I never will be. I make mistakes and I judge people – even when I say I don’t. Well – yes I do and I admit it.

I am easily hurt, but I also forgive easily and no matter how much I insist that my heart is buried under a ton of concrete, it is not. I wear my heart on my sleeve. It makes me emotional. It makes me vulnerable. It makes me irrational. But most of all, it makes me me.

There are people with a fix place in my heart. They are a rare breed and I let them in willingly. Sometimes, I am scared though – scarred too, damaged goods. I scream and I thrash and I push them away. They know me though. Better than I want to admit. They see through me and right into my soul.

I don’t have a heart of stone and I will do my best to keep it that way.