You lie on the floor, dirty and discarded. No one gives you a second look and no one is willing to touch you with their bare hands. You’ve been lying there for a couple of days now, but nobody cares. The stink makes them turn up their noses, but they won’t help you no matter what.
The saddest part is that you’ve lost your significant other. Someone helped her, but ignored you. And while she has a new life, you lie in grime and disgrace. Maybe all that is missing is a hole in your body. Thankfully, it’s not that bad. Yet.
You long to feel a warm body against you again. Inside of you. But as long as you are like this – dirty and stinky, nobody is going to see you. You fight for attention every day, but you only succeed in being pushed farther away.
You miss your significant other and wonder if she’s found someone new already. You always knew that she would leave you at the first opportunity, but to leave you like this – in this misery, that was low even for her.
You used to be together. Always. You were a pair and did everything together, but she abandoned you and you will have to rot there in the dark. Alone and cold. Scared too. This is not the right life for you. Without her, there is not reason for you to hope and to live anymore and that thought makes you loose hope.
You are only a sock after all. Pushed underneath the bed and forgotten. All alone. No body needs a single sock. Dust gathers on you and you wish you could go to sleep, but you can’t. You can hear the life around you while you are in the dark. No body is missing you. At least not enough.
But what is this? A hand grabs you and you revel in the feel of warm skin against you.
“Mom… I found my lost sock!” the sound coming out of the little human’s face is too loud and then, he throws you away again. This time, you landed in sock heaven. A hamper full of clothes and underwear and the you see her. Time slows down. She looks just as beautiful as she did the day you were put together at the factory. She sees you too and you know, that your pain has ended. The days you had to suffer on your own on the cold floor underneath a bed are over. Soon you will be paired with your loved one again.
Life for a sock is not always easy, but it’s surely an exciting one.

Fallen Angel

I wanted to catch you
But you fell.
Too heavy were your burdens.
Broken bones
And broken wings.
A fallen angel.
Guardian angel too?
I wanted to catch you
But you slipped through my fingers
Too heavy were your burdens.

I tried to bury myself
But you caught me before I could.
Too heavy were my burdens.
Broken spirit.
Broken dreams.
You’re my fallen angel
And my guardian angel too.

I want you badly

the simplest questions, I had to ask them

and I knew you would decline.

It didn’t hurt.

I had braced myself for rejection.

Your rejection is becoming a permanent part of my days.

It used to hurt,

but it doesn’t anymore.

Those are old wounds

and although I want you badly

the time slipped us by.

Time heals all our wounds

and our scars can be concealed.

I am just not sure if I am ready to let it happen.

I was sure that I had your love

you left and took the light with you

now I am living in a constant nightly daze.

the things you said

I can’t get it out of my head

was it just an idle threat?

it can’t be unsaid.

was I really that bad?

I’m going slightly mad

please come back to bed.

did you forget to take your meds?

come here, I’ll make you forget

in my arms there is nothing to dread.

fear not

Fear no evil,

for I am here

walking with you on this path.


Life is a journey,

with curves and hills, ups and downs

it leads us to our destiny.


Death is part of it all,

it’s scares us and makes us recoil

but it is the ultimate destination of our lives.


Fear no evil

I won’t let your memories be erased

You’ll stay in my heart, until the day I finally fade.

The heart

Once in a while, our hearts get broken.
No matter if it is by a family member, a friend or a lover – the pain is similar, sometimes even worse.
But the heart is a powerful muscle and as long as it beats, we are able to feel all kinds of emotions.
It takes strength and determination to leave someone and break their heart.
It takes strength and determination to brush yourself off, stand up and go on.

Not everything is meant to last eternally and there comes a time to let go.
Not with contempt or hate or misunderstanding,
But with love, forgiveness and a caring heart.

I walk into an uncertain future, but I know I loved and that I have been loved in return.

As long as our hearts go on, there is still life in us. As long as our hearts beat strong, there is still love in us.

Life goes on

While I am busy missing you,
Your life goes on.
While every breath becomes a chore for me,
Your life goes on.
While my life falls apart,
Your life goes on.

I only ever wanted to be a part of your life, but you threw me out.
Now your life goes on and I wonder;
How can I make my life go on without you when my world stopped spinning the moment you stopped loving me.
Nothing is okay and everything has changed, but while I wallow in my own bubble of misery,
Your life goes on.

Hearts are broken – every day.
Life goes on.
Words are spoken – every day.
Life goes on.
Dreamers are awoken – every day.
Life goes on.

Life goes on.


A couple of days ago, I was musing about what makes me happy and I have to say, this does the trick quite nicely. The fact, that I will have the 1 out of only 250 copies… that’s quite something.



I don’t have the right words to say how much it actually means to me. A simple Thank You and my on-going support is all I have to offer.




Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when flowers are dead. The consciousness of love and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring. ~ Oscar Wilde