I’m not feeling too well
I’m not feeling myself
Am I fading out – stealth?
I’m not feeling too well
I’m not feeling myself
Does this hurt my health?
I’m not feeling too well
I’m not feeling myself
Wanna know something else?
I’m not feeling too well
I’m not feeling myself
I should ask for help.

Inspired by a song I just listened to and blatantly stolen the line “I’m not feeling myself.” Thanks and Sorry Tom!
Listen to this song:


come and go

walk out and come back

whatever you do,

don’t forget me

let me leave a footprint on your soul

one that is so deep,

that you only feel complete with me by your side

pulling weeds and slaying dragons

my heart is clutched in love’s barbed thorns

trying to protect itself and me from the always looming hurt

I wait and I wait

In vain

There’s no escape and there’s no hurt

A prince on his modern iron horse is there to protect me

not at all impressed with the bloody piercing things

Like slaying a dragon, he frees me from the evil piercing veil

nursing my wounds with healing kisses

songs I wrote that made it on a CD

run baby, run


little girl


So, this is it… my songs. I shared them before and took them down again, but I admit it, I am a bit proud of it. The lyrics aren’t used 100% as I wrote them. Minor changes (or mistakes) have been made by the singer. The lyrics are still mine…


A little background info to it all…

I used to be a part of this band. As a singer/ background singer. Somehow, I stopped being part of the band – I won’t go into details – but I stayed close to them. The moment came, when they planned to record their first album and lyrics were needed and so I was asked to contribute and I did. I would do it again… if you’d just ask… then again, I guess my writing would need major changes to fit a song.

I post this now, because earlier, I posted a link to my “poetry” on twitter and I thought that hearing the songs would maybe be nice too 🙂


What do you think?




broken hearts


broken homes


broken bones


broken souls


broken dreams


broken hopes


broken broken broken

mended mended mended

Say it three times and it becomes a truth


mended hearts


mended homes


mended bones


mended souls


mended dreams


mended hopes


mended mended mended

broken broken broken

Say it three times and it becomes a truth


Only you can mend what once was broken

Only you can make me whole again.

Untitled or words of wisdom from a fool

wounds that healed, left scars.
scars can be concealed and yet, they become visible and can break open, when we are hurt over and over again.
Old wounds, scars, no matter how much we try to hide them or pretend they don’t exist are a part of us. They are part of our wisdom and change. Scars remind us that the past is real.
We should be proud of our scars, because they show that no matter how much we were hurt at one point in our lives, we are still here. We are strong.
If I can get through this, I can get through anything.
Life is valuable. Embrace your failures and your flaws and accept them for what they are; an opportunity to take a new directions.
Don’t hide behind hidden scars, let them make you stronger.
Now I am stronger than yesterday.