Trivia about me…

… I speak 4 languages fluently. Luxembourgian, German, French and English. I understand Dutch and Italian, if not spoken too fast.

Ironically, my father is Italian, but since I am a child of divorced parents and never spend too much time with my dad, I never learned his native language. I believe, that the understanding of the Italian language comes from when I was a small child and heard him talking to his siblings or father. I think it would have been easy to learn it as a child, but now, it seems very difficult. 

I am winter

For now, I am winter. I am cold and my heart is frozen.

For now, I am winter and I can’t let you near me, for fear to suck you into my cold soul.

For now, I am winter and I need to stay away to keep you safe and keep me sane.

For when I will be summer, I’ll let you back in again.

For when I will be summer, my soul will welcome you again.

For when I will be summer, I’ll keep you safe and sane.


(“For now I am winter”, is a song (and an album that came out in 2013) from Iclandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds, which is sung by Árnor Dan. I can’t deny that this short piece of poetry was inspired by it. Though the lyrics in the song are different. They are: For now, I am winter/ lungs debut…)

Trivia about me…

Have I ever mentioned, that I am from a small country in Europe, called Luxembourg? I am not sure. But, yes I am and I have Italian roots… (not in my hair, in my cells 😉 )

why are you so dark?

the young girls wish upon a star

don’t they know, that it’s a dead planet whose light has died many years ago?

they are too late and wasting their precious time.


I am too dark

darkness is my friend, guiding me,

giving me hope and taking it away softly,

unseen by most


and they wonder why I became like this

my hopeless, hidden self


I’ve seen the lights go out

and life fading into darkness.

I’ve seen bodies fading

and souls degrading.


Once, I was a young girl too,

wishing upon a star and waiting for the magic to happen,

now I’m older and wiser.

                                           disillusioned sometimes too.


Author’s notice:

this is from last June. I was in a dark(er) place than I usually am and I hated my life and everything around me with a vengeance. For those who care; right now, I am in a pretty solid mindset. I try to be less cynic and more positive, at which I admittedly don’t always succeed. But I do my best, trying to surround myself with people I like, doing the things I like to do and ignoring all those people who try to tell me, that I will fail with everything I do!