Opening a new door

written by me – Cathy T


you slam the door

I watch it close

I understand and pray, that you’ll come back and open it again.

but you don’t.


I stay alone


How will I tell my friends, that we are not ‘we’ anymore?

forever is a long long time

and it finally caught up on us

no second chances, no apologies, no forgiving


this closed door won’t open again


this love has died


and we can’t kiss it alive again

It hurts, I won’t lie

but I understand

and I accept.


This is me now


I am not a part of a ‘we’ anymore

simply me

It feels strange to feel free

It feels different, but I feel the same I did before


This love wasn’t meant  to fall apart

and yet, we couldn’t save it

maybe we were too young – fifteen years ago

maybe we changed too much – but not together


This door is going to stay shut


I have the memories of a good past

and the hope for a good future


I take a new chance and open a new door

only a tiny crack at first

this is all I can give for now

but maybe, just maybe, a new ‘you’ will fit in and teach me how to open doors again.


T E Morris – things happen for no reason

my last post ended with “and I listen to a wonderful soundtrack…’ now, this is what I was listening to:

T E Morris – things happen for no reason

A tiny review:

Imagine, hearing footsteps. Imagine, hearing someone clearing his throat. Imagine hearing a guitar case being opened. Imagine the sound of keys. Imagine hearing birds sing in the trees. Imagine the wind that blows, disheveling your hair. Imagine hearing a guitar being played and a tender voice singing a song. If you imagined all of this, you have a vague idea, how to imagine this latest release of T E Morris.

I can practically see him sitting somewhere secluded and alone (though, I assume he wasn’t really alone), playing his music, singing along, like he is making the lyrics up on the spot or simply being lost in his own creative mind. All of this, with the usual vulnerability and strength in his voice.

Imagine an album full of ‘half finished songs, that where completed on the spot, live in the Yorkshire countryside’ and you know and understand the concept for this album. An intimate album, that takes you away and makes you long to sit in the green grass, on a sunny day and listen and watch.

It reminded me of the improvisations we had sometimes as a band. Sitting around a campfire, drinking and having a good time, while being creative and coming up with new songs, with the handful of people being present contributing and helping making it a very unique experience. But, contrary to T E Morris, our sessions never made it beyond our own ears (and maybe it’s better left that way). I had to wonder though, why an artist releases a perfectly imperfect album like this. Did he want to get this over and done with? Or is he simply very uncomplicated and modest? In a way, it’s a courageous move and on the other hand, he knows exactly what he is capable of doing with his voice and his guitar and doesn’t need weeks of mixing and editing with this.

Outstanding songs for me are: picking up the trail. It’s the first track and we can hear the aforementioned footsteps and preparations before he starts to sing and perform.

another song I really liked and probably the one I listened to the most is: through the dream we share. Though, I have to admit, I can’t quite pinpoint what it is about that song, that I like so much.

But does this ever busy man even have time to sleep and rest? It seems to me, that he eats and breathes and sweats music and that is a good thing, right? There’s nothing wrong with a passionate musician!

Again, this is something special and I really like it. The whole idea of this, doing this outdoors, with the wind and the birds, is rather refreshing and it proves, that if you have the talent and the skills, you can easily improvise and come out of the woods with a gem.

You can get the album (only available as download) here  (It’s a get it for free or pay what you want offer and you can also listen to it on the site.)

Thanks again, Mr Morris. It’s always a pleasure listening to you!

❤ Cathy

Friday Top 5 (Ólafur Arnalds, Fabrizio Paterlini, yndi halda, hammock, blueneck)

It’s Friday and as you, my dear readers, are used to, here is a Top 5 of the artists that I listened to most this week.


1. Ólafur Arnalds – Lag fyrir ömmu


‘Lag fyrir ömmu’ is Icelandic and means Song For Grandma. This song is from an album called ‘living room songs’ (2011). I like the idea behind these sessions…

I listened to a lot of ‘neo-classic’ music this week. (I hate those labels… why does everything need to be labeled? I will never understand that – Cathy the rebel!) It’s beautiful and soothing and while people may say, that it’s a sad genre, I can’t agree. I haven’t been this serene, but at the same time touched, in a long time.


2. Fabrizio Paterlini – week #8


This is from an album called ‘autumn stories’ (2012), it’s an amazing album. And this gives me the chills. There’s nothing more I need or want to say.


3. yndi halda – dash and blast


This is the opener on the EP ‘Enjoy the bliss’ (2007)


4. hammock – how can I make you remember me?


from the album ‘chasing after the shadows… living with the ghosts’ (2010)


5. blueneck – sawbones (live)


it’s Blueneck!!! admittedly, one of my favorite post-rock bands (label again!!) This amazing song is from the brilliant album ‘Repetitions’ (2011)



This was short, I know. No useless non-sense blabbering from my part and with this kind of music, I don’t think it’s needed.

and as I see the fog slowly lift over the colored forest, the wind blows red leaf over my balcony, I sip my tea and listen to a wonderful soundtrack…