the last day

dedicated to my source of inspiration – thank you


“What would you do, if you knew, today was your last day to live?” he asked.

“I would live” she said.

She stepped outside, to where the trees were shedding their last leaves

every falling leaf, took away another memory

And as her eyes slowly closed;

right under her favorite birch

she heard her favorite funeral song

and for the last time, she saw the face of the man she had always loved

A single tear found a lonely trail down her cheek

He didn’t know what she knew

her broken heart could never be fixed.

She had never told him “I love you”

Later that night,

he found her lifeless body, leaning against her favorite birch

even his most shattering scream, was not able to bring her back

It was the night his heart broke and would never be fixed.

He had never told her “I love you”

He sank to the ground and held her close

a single tear found a trail down his cheek

resolved, that tomorrow would be his last day to live

you’ll never hear me

the words I never say

are the loudest screams

you’ll never hear


The silence around me

is the most roaring sound

you’ll never hear


The thoughts I only think

are the saddest ones

you’ll never hear

the day you died

the light in your eyes slowly dies

and I know, it’s the last time

I will see you alive.

Your chest stops rising

Your heart stops beating

Your hand stops grabbing mine


I feel tears burning in my eyes,

but they refuse to come out

How am I supposed to go on living

without you by my side?

How am I supposed to bring you back

to me?


I am so angry with you

and with me

I can’t change that you left

without me

I couldn’t prevent fate

taking you away from me

but seeing your lights fade

leaving only the empty shell of a jaded man

to hold on to…


maybe one last kiss

can bring you back

my lips brush yours

but you don’t kiss me back

your lips are cold

your eyes stay closed


arms wrap around my shoulders

and through a haze I hear the words

“you have to let him go, he’s gone”

this was not how we were supposed to end

I will never forget the day you died

inspired by airplanes and pictures and musicians… (untitled)


now you’re gone

sitting on that plane

you simply said: we’re done

and that our love was just a game

I see the airplane in the sky

you left without one last goodbye

now I’m all alone

looking at the stars above

my cold heart turns into stone

a void is all that’s left of what once felt like love



and there’s an other one:


when I see airplanes in the sky,

I always wonder where they are going

and as I sit on the porch

I see the flickering lights in the night sky

what are you leaving

and will you be back?

what is your story

and where leads your track?


when I see airplanes in the sky,

I always wonder where they are going

and as I sit on the porch,

I know you are on the run

are you looking for freedom,

from me, from life

from what we’ve become?


I know, now you are leaving

you’re never coming back

it’s like you’ve been stealing

my heart – adding another crack



(and now I really need to get my four hours of sleep)